Our Workroom


Our distinct advantage lies in our extensive expertise within the realms of custom curtains, drapery fabrics, and the furniture industry, setting us apart from our competition.

At our facility, we house a large workroom – the heart of our operations. It’s in this dedicated space that the tired and worn pieces our customers entrust to us undergo a remarkable transformation, emerging as reupholstered, breathtaking masterpieces, all thanks to the skill and dedication of our talented team.

Within this workroom, precision is paramount. Every piece cut is measured with meticulous accuracy, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with our clients’ expectations. Our skilled artisans craft drapery with impeccable pleats, reflecting the dedication to our craft. In essence, it’s in this workroom where the true magic happens, as we breathe new life into furniture pieces and create exquisite drapery & other textiles that enhances the beauty of our customers’ spaces.