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5 Window Treatment Trends for 2021

Every year, over the 50+ years we’ve been in the fabric business, we see a change as decor and interior design evolve with personal styles and preferences.

We are advocates for timeless design, so here are some styles that are in. 

#1 – Calming Neutrals

Achieving a calm ambience can be easy with warm neutral colors that create tranquility where we need it most, at home. Beyond just greys and whites which remain popular, contemporary neutrals like sand, taupe, oatmeal and cream can elicit dreamy coastal vibes. Subtle patterns mixed with layered textures and light to dark variations allow you to customize this trend and make it your own. The trick with neutrals is to layer in many different textures to achieve depth. The most important friend with a neutral pallet is drapery. It provides softness and texture from the ground level to eye level.

#2 – Smart Technology

The advancement of technology in our everyday lives means you can now open and close your window treatments with a remote, mobile app or even integrating with your home automation system. Motorisation is becoming a new standard in the homes of Canadians and curtains and blinds are no exception.

Depending on the app used, you can pre-set your window treatments to open or close on a timer and schedule it, or do it instantly from your phone – even when you’re not at home, which creates an added security measure for your safety. Motorisation is a smart tool against the fight with UV damage.

#3 – Sheers

Sheers filter out light perfectly and add softness to a room while maintaining privacy. With so many options of colors and patterns available, they continue to grow in popularity with this trend continuing into 2021. Double curtain rods will let you pair sheers with blackout lining drapery and draw each independently for even more control over light and privacy.

#4 – Maximalism

Saturated colors, dynamic interior combinations, clashing patterns and bold designs are the essence of maximalism. Embracing this trend means abandoning the traditional while invigorating your home with intense and compelling design.

#5 – Natural Vibes

As people are spending time at home more than ever, the emphasis on creating tranquil spaces within the home increases as well. Drawing inspiration from beautiful landscapes, interior design is taking a cue from nature as green, earth and stone tones are set to be some of 2021’s most trending hues. They are perfect for building tonal looks, layering different shades of the same primary color group.

Although these are just a handful of the trends we will be seeing this year, it is important to remember that your home is just that, yours. Drapery and curtains will enhance the look you are wanting to achieve in each room and we can help you select the right fabric, color and product to ensure your vision is brought to reality and then facilitate all the install details too! Get in touch with us today.